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         Alexander 'Alex' Blanco is an actor, singer, dancer and voice over artist based in Miami, Florida. He is a graduate from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee with a B.F.A. in Musical Theater Performance.

In his earlier years, Alexander attended New World School of the Arts with a focus in Musical Theater, and has continued in the craft ever since. His passion for theater and music is unmatched and hopes to inspire younger generations.

Throughout his career, Alexander has worked with numerous companies and theaters such as Nickelodeon, Centauro Communications, Actor's Playhouse and more. He has performed in venues such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra, has been apart of original works at Berklee College of Music and was a Young Arts Honorable Mention recipient for Musical Theater.


Voice Over 

Animation Demo
Animation Demo - Alexander Blanco
"To Have an Ulcer"
Techies: The Musical
Written by: Georgeta Seserman




Alexander Blanco

Pronouns: He/Him/His   Height: 5'10

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown


On Your Feet                             Lead Guitarrista/Ensemble       Actor's Playhouse (Dir. Andy Señor Jr.)

RENT                                          Mark Cohen                               Roxy Theater (Dir. Andrew Rodriguez-Triana)

The Kiss                                      Ferdinand Block                        Berklee College of Music (Dir. Rene Pfister)

In The Heights                           Jose/Ensemble                          Berklee College of Music (Dir. Rene Pfister)

Shrek                                          Shrek                                           Actor's Playhouse (Dir. Earl Maulding)

Dorothy Meets Alice                 Judson                                        Actor's Playhouse (Dir. Earl Maulding)

Children of Eden                       Father                                         New World School of the Arts (Dir. Bruce Cohen)

Fiddler on the Roof                   Tevye                                          New World School of the Arts (Dir. William Roudebush)

Pippi Longstocking                   Bloom/Dream Captain              Actor's Playhouse (Dir. Earl Maulding)

Voice Over

Pico de Neblina                         Biriba                                           HBO Latin America (Centauro Communications)

Glitter Model (Season 2 & 3)    David                                           Monster Movie (Centauro Communications)

Dora the Explorer                      Vocalist                                        Nickelodeon (Dir. Joel Someillan)

Concert Performances

Jekyll and Hyde                         General Glossop/Ensemble      Berklee College of Music

Boston Conservatory Gala.       Vocalist                                        Boston Symphony Hall


National Young Arts Foundation                                                  Honorable Mention Recipient for Musical Theater


BFA Musical Theater Candidate - The Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Vocal Training: William Cotten, Felicia Kurtz

Acting: Douglas Lockwood (Shakespeare), Jenny Israel (Meisner), Christopher Webb (Viewpoints)

Voice & Speech: Paul D’Agostino (Linklater), Bryn Austin (IPA, Accents & Dialects), Joy Arcolano (Voice Acting) Jazz (Dance): Larry Souza, Tommy Coye, Advanced Level

Tap: Margaret Gorill, David Connolly, Intermediate Level

Ballet: Michelle Chassé, Clyde Nantais, Advanced Level 


Languages: English, Spanish

Accents & Dialects: NRAD, RP, Cockney, Australian, American Southern, Spanish

Skills: Improv, Choreography, Classically Trained Vocals, Acrobatics, Licensed Driver, Great with Children, Rollerblading, Ice Skating 




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